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"Compelling, emotive, energetic"

- BBC Radio

"No ordinary singer/songwriter... is as far from milquetoast indie-folk as you can possibly get." 


Hailing from the industrial city of Birmingham, Benjamin Yellowitz lives beneath his self-built studio in a warehouse in London with several other artists and a worn out cat. 


Yellowitz is no stranger to the stage - singing with honesty upheld by his captivating stage presence and energetic guitar-percussion. A talented multi-instrumentalist, Yellowitz  somehow fuses folk with warm electronica to create a rich feeling that fills the room. 


A skilled producer, Yellowitz masterfully blends authentic acoustic sounds with his signature electronic production style, creating powerful sonic worlds in various projects including Of Ghosts And Other Forms, collaborations with Nuage and fellow queer artists like DYVR, as well as live theatre shows with The New Shadow Cabinet. 

Yellowitz has featured on several BBC Introducing Sessions, and has achieved considerable acclaim in the press with BBC Radio describing his performances as “compelling, emotive and energetic.”


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